Thursday, February 6, 2020

Annotated bibliography Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Annotated bibliography - Research Paper Example However, they only contribute 33 percent to the country’s GDP. The proposal is supported by findings that SMEs in developed countries, where SME authority exist, contribute a higher percentage towards GDP. The article points out how lack of SME authority has affected SMEs in Saudi Arabia. The major effect has been lack of support services and financing programs, which has led to the poor performance of SMEs in Saudi Arabia. The article is relevant to my study since it demonstrates the importance of SME Authority in order to establish order in the SME sector and increase their contribution to the Saudi Arabian economy. The article is based on finding from various countries where establishment of SME Authority have enhanced the role of SMEs. The proposal is credible since the article provides enough evidence on the role of SME Authorities have played in developed and emerging countries in Asia and Europe. However, the article is limited since the author does not acknowledge the resources used in establishing the credibility of the findings. Howard, B 2008, Big in Smalls: Howard Bryant FCMA Helped to Turn a Tiny Dot-Com into the World's Largest Online Seller of Branded Underwear. He Explains Why an SME Is a Tougher Test of Professional Mettle Than a Multinational, Financial Management (UK) , July-August, Available at: The aim of the article is to outline challenges facing SMEs and how CIMA, an institute in UK that trains graduates in the field of business, can enhance its programs to equip the graduates with relevant skills to serve the SME sector effectively. The article involves a systematic analysis of factors that hinder SME performance and proposes the skills CIMA students would require in solving various challenges. The sturdy supported by findings that exposure of finance and accounting students to work in SMEs enables them gain wider breadth competence in business. The article is relevant to my study since it establishes to challenges facing SMEs and the role of professionals in the field of finance and accounting in resolving these challenges. The article makes use of statistics from reliable organizations such as Office of National statistics in UK and is thus credible. Moreover, Howard Bryant, who authored the article, is a finance director and consultant in the area of finance and the findings are believable. Possible limitation is that the article is based on findings from SME sector in UK and some findings might not apply to Saudi Arabia. Fu, Y.-K 2011, Marketing activities management in SMEs: An Exploratory Sudy, Human Systems Management, Volume 30, DOI 10.3233/HSM-2010-0743, pp. 155-166. The article aims to establish and compare the tendency of national-level and regional level sales managers to engage in the eight marketing activities management systems. A survey was conducted using questionnaires devised to measure the par ticipation of sale managers in marketing activities. The study supported findings by Siu (2002), whose study found that sales managers play a crucial role in determining the performance of SMEs. Moreover, Siu (2002) found out that findings regarding SME practices and performance are region specific and there is thus need for adoption of contingency approach. The article is relevant to my study since it focused on marketing activities in Eastern business environments where Saudi Arabia is

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